Goalbook Beta: Customer Wall, Goal Libraries

Quote of the Week

I am thoroughly excited to be using Goalbook for monitoring the progress of our speech students on goals, sharing breakthroughs in therapy sessions, and documenting our service logs.  Goalbook also truly simplifies and streamlines the supervisory process for case management with use of Speech Assistants.

— Supervising Speech Language Pathologist

Customer Wall

We’re creating a “customer wall” on our website to feature our enthusiastic users – we just post a small picture, where you’re from, and one or two sentences from you.  We already have more than a dozen people for the wall – it’s going to look awesome!  If you’d like to be featured, reply to this email and let us know : )

Online Goal Libraries

Since we revealed our plan to create our Universal Goal Bank, we’ve had a lot of interest from our users.  We’ve repeatedly heard, “I search Google for goals all the time.  It’d be wonderful to have one place for me to go.  I also keep a lot of my goals in Word or Excel.”  

Well, our objective is to gather all the best goals into one place.  Do you search for goals on Google?  Have you written your own goals and store them in a document or spreadsheet?  We’d love to hear from you – reply to this email and tell us which are the best goals you’ve found, and which goals you’ve created yourself.  Together, we can create the most useful goal resource on the web!

Goalbook Mobile

We’ve had a lot of signups for private early access to our mobile apps.  Our first iPad and iPhone users started testing the app in the past two weeks – thank you for the feedback you’ve provided thus far.  If you’d like to have early access, sign up here and we’ll reach out to you.  Else, stay tuned for when we release our iPad, iPhone and Android apps to the public!

Edmodo Community Page

We now have an Edmodo Community Page.  Follow our page, and you can use this as a forum to connect to other Goalbook enthusiasts.  We’ll also be actively posting and monitoring in the community.

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About Daniel

Daniel is a former special educator and co-founder of Goalbook. After studying computer science at UC Berkeley and spending time as a software engineer at Oracle and Google, Daniel spent five years as a middle school special educator and district coordinator in the Ravenswood City School District in East Palo Alto, CA. In those five years, he was totally inspired by committed and talented educators and school leaders that were around him. However, he was also totally overwhelmed with the complexity of reporting and administrative responsibilities that came as a special educator.

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  1. Barb

    I just signed up for Goalbook and it looks like a great organizational tool. I’m wondering if I misunderstood about parents being connected to Goalbook as part of the IEP team. It said that the team members must have an e-mail address with the same (school) address as mine. Is this right?

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