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Hello everyone!  We hope that all of you are having a wonderful summer.  We’re getting back into the swing of things – we’re releasing a lot of new functionality for the start of school in August.  Stay tuned for further updates soon!  Meanwhile we have an awesome quote and articles below for some fun reading. : )

Quote of the Day

During the day, when my student is facing a challenging moment, I’m now able to share in Goalbook a play-by-play of the steps and actions I’ve taken with the student.  I also upload related work samples or photos of the student.

The parents love this.  They’ve told me, ‘When we hear which strategies have been successful, what’s been working for you, this information helps us be more successful with our child at home.  We appreciate the communication we get from you.’

— District Post-Secondary / Transition Coordinator

Goalbook in the Media

Hear Goalbook founder, Daniel Yoo, chat with Jane Williams on the Bloomberg EDU Podcast.   The interview starts at the 13 minute mark, and Daniel talks about company vision, hiring, business model, individualization, and the ed-tech landscape.

Our esteemed summer fellow, Erica Estrada-Liou, wrote a recent blog post about her experience at Goalbook this summer and working in special education.

Chris Dawson writes a wonderful article on Goalbook from his perspective as a parent of four children with IEPs.  His summary: “Goalbook could revolutionize how we approach differentiated instruction and outcome-based education.”  Chris has been one of our favorite bloggers long before he wrote about us – you can read his blog at ZDNet Education, watch his review:ed video chats co-hosted with Kirsten Winkler, and follow him at @mrdatahs.

In this prescient article, Greg Gunn, co-founder of Wireless Generation, wrote an article in Education Week last year advocating a student-centered, team-based approach to individualized learning.  We’re amazed by the clarity of his outlined vision and how he suggested a need for Goalbook — two months before we even started Goalbook!

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About Daniel

Daniel is a former special educator and co-founder of Goalbook. After studying computer science at UC Berkeley and spending time as a software engineer at Oracle and Google, Daniel spent five years as a middle school special educator and district coordinator in the Ravenswood City School District in East Palo Alto, CA. In those five years, he was totally inspired by committed and talented educators and school leaders that were around him. However, he was also totally overwhelmed with the complexity of reporting and administrative responsibilities that came as a special educator.